Jake Hancock P.I. Series

Book 1: Kiss Hidden Lies


Private Investigator Jake Hancock gets a seemingly straightforward gig: finding out who an actress’s biological father is. But there’s a catch. His client’s parents are unaware she knows the guy who’s been posing as her father is an imposter. And she insists Hancock poses as her older boyfriend to discover the truth from within her family home.

Her parents are onto him the moment he steps through the front door, and the roller coaster of an investigation begins. Read rest on Amazon


Book 2: Out of Crime

FINAL BOOK COVERSP.I. Jake Hancock’s sister and nephew have been kidnapped. The culprit? An enigmatic criminal who communicates through a voice-modulation device low on batteries.

Hancock needs to save them, and fast. Over the course of one evening and night, Hollywood’s top-five P.I. pits his wits against one of the best criminal minds if not in the state, then definitely the city. Well, maybe the neighborhood.

With sharp dialog, left-field plot twists, and a pace that’s so fast Usain Bolt would have a hard time keeping up, Detective for Hire is a comedy thriller so hot it makes a potato straight out of the oven seem like an ice cube. View on Amazon

Book 3: Served Ice-Cold

FINAL BOOK COVERSBlaming his former employer for the kidnapping of his sister and nephew, smooth-talking private investigator Jake Hancock has quit working for the Agency.

But a mysterious chest complaint and a ghetto health insurance plan provided by his new employer force him to pick up where he left off—just when he thought he was out, they lure him back in with the promise of dental. Read the rest on Amazon…


Book 4: Saving Grace

FINAL BOOK COVERSPrivate Investigator Jake Hancock wakes up in a motel room and can’t remember how he got there. He’s seemingly hungover, but that doesn’t quite add up. Where’s the easy girl he hooked up with? There isn’t one.

He flees the motel room, heading out on a journey to discover how he got there. During a conversation with a cab driver, he deduces he’s lost his memory of last week. What has he done during this time? And who’s to blame for his amnesia? His investigation starts at a diner, which he thinks he visited the night before, where he encounters a quirky, overfamiliar waitress called Grace Black. Hancock saves Grace from her abusive husband and boss and learns that Grace is just as lost and in trouble as he is, so they team up. Read the rest on Amazon…

Book 5: Our Little Secret

FINAL BOOK COVERSHollywood-based private investigator Jake Hancock is retired…again. Until Megan Books, a former client and friend, comes back into his life. Megan hasn’t just shown up at Jake’s door to shoot the breeze. She’s got a gig for Hancock. One really personal to her.

Megan needs Hancock to find out what her boyfriend was doing in Hickston, a small town hundreds of miles away from Vegas, the place he said he was for the weekend.

Jake heads to the town, but on the way, he comes across a drugged-out-of-her-mind college-age girl walking by the side of the freeway. She’s been raped. Where? In the same town Megan’s boyfriend visited for the weekend. And the sheriff, according to the girl, didn’t seem too concerned about her rape allegation. Read rest on Amazon…